Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How area rug cleaning services help clean even the dirtiest of the rugs

Beautifully woven carpets and rugs are an attractive addition to any kind of place at home and even any where else. But dirt is something that cannot be stopped.

It eventually seeps in and settles in and thus makes the cleaning of such delicate articles a tough job in itself. This is where the area rug cleaning services and green carpet cleaning services step in to clean even toughest of the stains and dirt from the carpets and rugs. In order to retain the rugs in their beautiful colors and keep them as a beautiful addition to a home, they need to be properly cared for and looked after.

First step that the services can help maintain such rugs in are to carefully vacuum them. This process helps in removal of the dust and dirt from the wooly area which has acquired dust and some other occasional spills at times. Vacuuming can even prolong the good quality appearance as well as the overall life of the carpet. Specialized area rug cleaning services and green carpet cleaning services do not use powder cleaners on the fabric of the rug, as the strong and harmful chemicals of the cleanser can destroy the delicate fabrics of the rug and make them clump together. This can damage the looks of the rug, so why take chances on a precious article but rather vacuum it for an easy cleaning. Even for the rugs that are little sturdy, one can even raise the beater bar for the vacuuming purpose.

Apart from vacuuming, services can also provide the option of dry cleaning. Another viable option this method utilizes dry foam as well as soft chemicals that help pull out the dirt from the dirty carpet. In this process the dirt and the dust particles are pulled out later on by following the vacuuming procedure. Another option available is that of steam cleaning. Many green carpet cleaning services offer the option of steam cleaning which is carried out with the help of specific equipment especially designed for this purpose. Furthermore, rugs that are in bad condition and are heavily covered with dirt can be cleaned with the help of oxy cleaners and dry powders. But this method should not be used for the woolen rugs and carpets as they can easily destroy their delicate fabrics and make them loose and ball up thus, damaging the coloring of the rug itself.

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