Thursday, May 19, 2011

Save your environment with green carpet cleaning solution for carpets and upholstery cleaning

Carpets are widely used for residential and commercial places. It enhances the look of place and provides some range of insulation as well.

Carpets are the expensive items, so it’s proper cleaning and maintenance is very significant. It easily traps the dirt, dust particle, oil residue, moisture and other substances. The carpets are loaded with dust, stains, molds and toxins. It’s not only gives a bad impression to the guest but its also hazardous for health and environment also. It’s cleaning is a tedious task, so people require professional services for carpet cleaning. Green carpet cleaning solution is an ultimate choice for safe, comprehensive and efficient cleaning.

Nowadays people prefer eco-friendly cleaning service for carpet and upholstery cleaning. Today’s various companies are available that facilitate effective and safe mode of cleaning at economical rates. Besides these, the professional rug cleaning companies send trained technician. They utilize high-tech technology and eco-friendly method for cleaning. For expensive rugs, you must go onto certified rugs cleaning services.

The professionals utilize advanced vacuum machines to clean rug and upholstery. This procedure does not produce dust mites while cleaning. Various companies use harsh chemical solvent for rug cleaning, it damages the natural fibers of carpets.

While eco-friendly companies utilizes pure organic, non-toxic and bio-degradable solvent for cleaning. They utilize specialized method for Persian rug cleaning. The companies also provide upholstery cleaning services for furniture, upholstery and stained rugs. The rug is washed and dried in a dust free environment. Besides these, the professionals check the rug thoroughly that whether the cleaning is done properly or not. The eco-friendly cleaning solvents can be stored in any place without any extra precaution. The organic solvents are nonreactive and nonflammable. These cleaning solvents are harmless to the environment and people, but it’s strongly act against dirt.
Eco-friendly cleaner effectively remove grease, wax, stains, odors, mud, mould by forming chemical bond with dirt molecule.

So you can get furniture cleaning NYC services at affordable prices. It ensures the safety and cleanliness of your carpets and health of your loved once. Green cleaning services are very popular for residence, apartments, hotels, cruise ships, dormitories and shelters. In addition this service is quite effective for cleaning of mattresses, sofas, sheets and other upholstery items. When cleaning is done by green cleaning solvents, it remains clean and hygienic for a long time. While in conventional cleaning, the carpet traps chemical residue easily so it’s get dirty very soon. Eco-friendly service is quite economical than conventional cleaning method.

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