Sunday, May 1, 2011

You think your home or office is clean? THINK AGAIN!

We dust the articles in our room, we broom our homes, we even mope then or use cleansing agents to clean up the floors and windows or any other glass items in our house. We also clean our kitchenware and utensils using dishwashers or by hands.

After we have done all this, we call our house clean. But wait; haven’t we missed out on something? Where is the checklist? Oh wait! You don’t have a check list now, do you? Well, the checklist in the mind is what I am talking about.

The checklist that we have as a ‘to-do’ task in our minds everyday such as: cleaning – check; dusting – check; vacuum cleaning the sofas – check, and so on. But, do all of us include door mattresses and carpets in our check list? Well, many of us will say yes we do. But where do you draw the limit to cleaning your carpet or door mat? With the door mat, you could still pick it up; brush it outside your house, and Voila! It’s done. But is it, really? Let’s go to the case of carpets – you might say that gone are the days when we used to broom them, now we use a vacuum cleaner! But, would you go on cleaning your whole house with it (especially when your house is very big)? What about offices?

Vacuum cleaners don’t always ‘clean’ the carpets such that they are healthy. The germs might still linger on your carpets, collecting in numbers – billions maybe. But how would you know? The naked eye cannot see these milli-germs, can they? So, we just keep ignoring our own health and think we have done everything to maintain hygiene.
But we recommend and strongly advise the use of professional carpet cleaning services for you and your family’s heath’ sake!
In case you have a big house or many homes, and or own offices or are the hygiene management supervisor anywhere, you can go for commercial carpet cleaning services for your copious needs and make sure you’re staying or working in a very healthy environment ‘completely’.

The commercial carpet cleaning should be preferably outsourced so that you make sure you get yourself experienced people to clean your premises, and not any amateurs fooling around with you and taking money for nothing. What more, you may even get discounts on bulk purchase or B2B transactions.

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